Hackathon to build useful enterprise-focused SDN applications

by Srini Seetharaman The ONUG Fall 2013 conference highlighted a clear need for SDN in several domains of use. Most of today’s SDN vendors are targeting the need for network virtualization in cloud data centers. This status quo, however, leaves lingering needs in several other domains, including branch office networking, service chaining of L4-L7 appliances, […]

ONUG vs OpenStack, Open Compute, and ONF

by Nick Lippis A quick look at the board of directors of the Open Network User Group will make it obvious that ONUG is driven by some of the biggest IT Business Leaders of networking technology in the world. Leading financial, insurance, retail, and logistics companies are all active members of ONUG. That alone sets […]

Putting a Stake in the Ground with ONUG

By Ernest Lefner AT&T distributed 75 press releases in September and I admit I don’t normally pay attention to these announcements, but there was one that caught my eye last week: “AT&T Launches Supplier Domain 2.0 — Next-Generation Supplier Program Facilitates AT&T’s Rapid Transformation to an Open, Cloud-based Network; New Vendor Relationships to be Added.” […]

Advocating End-Users and Open Networking

by Marc Cohn One of the particularly noteworthy aspects of the journey towards Open Networking is the strong pull from the end-users who stand to benefit most. Unlike many standards initiatives, Software-Defined Networking – the catalyst for network transformation – enjoys broad support from the enterprise to data center operators, through the carriers.

JPMorgan Chase to Host ONUG Fall 2013 October 29-30 in NYC

The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) is fortunate to have the support of trailblazing IT leaders committed to expediting the deployment of  Software-Defined Networking (SDN), programmable  networking, and open networking solutions. I want to acknowledge our innovative Board of Directors and the companies that support their ONUG efforts: