The Power of the ‘Automation-First’ Approach

One of the main challenges when working on any automation project is writing the automation templates. Each cloud provider has its own template language, which means that you can’t reuse anything already written by other frameworks. This makes many automation projects substantially longer than they would have been otherwise. This blog piece explores how an […]

The New Requirement: Advanced AI-Driven Network Triage and Remediation

Broadcom is a proud sponsor of  ONUG Fall 2019 in NYC. Join us as we showcase how to simplify Hybrid-Cloud and SD-WAN deployments by combining AI and ML with rich granular data captured at the chip level for one-of-a-kind AIOps analytics and automation. The highly complex nature of today’s modern hybrid IT architectures continues to […]

The Past, Present, and Future of a Network

Modern navigation systems such as those available in cars, smartphones, and high-tech gadgets have become immensely popular. They efficiently guide you to your destination with real-time information. It is cumbersome and unsafe to look at paper maps while driving. Also, one does not need to stop and ask for directions anymore. The reason navigation systems […]

How to Ensure Cloud Migration ROI

With all the buzz surrounding “cloud migration” and other hard-to-define concepts, it’s easy for IT executives to get an “innovate or die” mentality regarding their networks and apps. As a result, teams may be tasked with sprinting to adopt cloud technologies or overhaul legacy systems simply so that they don’t fall behind the technological trend […]

The Role of Low-code Network Automation in Digital Transformation

The turn of the millennium brought with it a word, “digitalization,” that made businesses of all sizes – small, medium, and large – rushing to jump into the bandwagon. Digitalization chiefly meant discarding paper-based manual processes and moving to a digital platform where all data and processes are electronic. Ledgers became spreadsheets, and emails became […]

What is Multi-Cloud

You might have heard that multi-cloud is the future of IT. It would be more accurate to say it’s the present of IT. More than 80 percent of enterprises already have a multi-cloud strategy. But what is multi-cloud, exactly? As the name suggests, multi-cloud is an IT approach in which an organization uses multiple cloud […]