ONUG Fall in New York!

ONUG is a group representing enterprise users of network technology. Some of those users are the biggest names in the industry – names like FedEx (shipping and logistics), Gap (retail), Bank of America, Citi (financial services) and Kaiser Permanente (healthcare) that gather together twice a year to define the issues they are facing with technology, […]

Trust but Verify: How to Monitor SD-WAN

SD-WAN is a popular topic on every blog, news site, and at every conference today, but much of the chatter deals with the implementation benefits. As ONUG’s own Nick Lippis mentions in his post about the top 5 topics IT will be talking about, SD-WAN is entering a new generation that’s focused on scale, security, […]

Are You Unwillingly Placing Your “Trusted” Digital Certificates in the Hands of Unauthorized Users?

In an increasingly digital world, digital certificates become the identity of a particular enterprise. Who trusts this digital identity? Almost every entity that is connected to the internet, including browsers and their underlying operating systems. Basically, certificates are like our passports; they are widely accepted as proof of identity. A digital (or “identity”) certificate is […]

Three Best Practices for Managing Your Network Security in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is impacting every industry—and it’s now essential to staying competitive. But as you digitally transform your enterprise, new complexities and challenges will continually emerge. And that makes network security more important than ever. In this new landscape, the organizations that are most prepared will survive. But it’s about more than just survival—you need […]

Digital Transformation Must Include Network Architecture to Get Ahead of Attackers

Digital transformation is sweeping every aspect of business from IT to customer engagement to partner integrations. Its drivers are less about the demands of an increasingly digital-native audience and more about efficiency and scale in the face of a dearth of technical talent. Whether we’re transforming network and application service infrastructure to support “as code” […]

The Zero-Trust Mandate: Never Trust, Continually Verify

The traditional network security model was designed to connect workers at headquarters or a branch office to the resources they needed in data centers. At that time, there were relatively few remote workers and they connected back into their home network using an operationally complex VPN. Today, most employees work remotely at least one day […]