Cybersecurity Architecture – The Evolution of IT to Secure IT

About 30 years ago, IT departments had an enviable task when dealing with cybersecurity. Given the small number of devices they had to protect, their job was simple. Today, the use of digital technologies in the work environment is increasing sharply due to the need for enterprises to become more adaptable and agile. It creates […]

How to Secure Your Digital Transformation

Throughout the ages, one of the mantras of successful businesses around the world has been – transform or perish. And in today’s fast-evolving and highly disruptive world of technology, we see that the digital transformation of business also depends on the right use of technology. Digital transformation drivers are many – to take products and […]

AI and ML – Beyond the Buzz

AI and ML will fundamentally change our lives, and there’s no shortage of buzz and hype around that. In the case of AI, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction and marketing hype from practical applications. We saw that in Super Bowl ads that sort of make fun of AI and robots. In […]

Top 5 Challenges to Operationalizing Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

It is overly simplistic to think that all enterprise workloads should run in public cloud data centers. Today’s digital enterprise journey is much more complicated than that because the strategies involve a hybrid mix of public and private clouds, legacy environments, applications or platform layer, and a broad spectrum of computing resources. Many enterprises are […]

SD-WAN Traffic Steering Moves Enterprise Apps Across Clouds

Traffic steering classifies traffic and matches application requirements with network characteristics, conditions and behaviors. It’s similar to a car’s GPS or Waze effect that directs drivers to the best route for their destination, based on conditions like congestion, accidents and priority payload. SD-WAN enables real-time application traffic steering over any type of link, such as […]

SD-WAN Multi-Domain Problem

SD-WAN 2.0 is Inherently a Multi-Domain Solution SD-WAN is driving a multi-domain, multi-controller environment Multi-Cloud is the reality for most enterprises, including the adoption of SaaS-based enterprise software platforms Treating the network as a separate ‘silo’ will not harvest the full benefits of an automation strategy Recent innovation in the networking domain is due in […]