Closing the Loop on Automation: Forward Networks + Ansible

In my previous ONUG blog post Query Your Network like a Database, I talked about how companies are embracing Network Automation in order to become more agile. I described how Network Automation can be very powerful but frighteningly dangerous without a proper safety guard. I explained what the Forward Networks Network Query Engine is and […]

Analyzing This Summer’s Google Cloud Outage

Moving critical applications and services to the cloud brings power and agility to IT teams who no longer have to worry about building and maintaining infrastructure. But it also brings risks because cloud computing introduces a solid dose of unpredictability due to the sheer complexity of the Internet and cloud connectivity. We are reminded of […]

Vote and Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard: ONUG Use Case Voting Ranks the Challenges Facing Enterprise Users

At ONUG Spring 2019 in Dallas, members of the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Steering Committee reported on the results of a survey of enterprise users in the ONUG Community about barriers to hybrid multi-cloud adoption. The survey, conducted prior to the conference by 451 Research, ranked the inhibitors preventing enterprises from proceeding with a hybrid cloud deployment: […]

Securing the New WAN Edge: SD-WAN and SD-Branch

Digital innovation is redefining networks to improve customer and worker experience, accelerate the development and delivery of critical applications, and gather and process data to more effectively meet modern customer demands. New cloud infrastructures and SaaS solutions, IoT devices, and highly mobile workers are all the result of this transformation. Completing this picture requires extending […]

Low Code and Closed Loop Automation — Crucial for Intent-Based Networking

Automation in networking is casting new implications on the way networks are engineered, structured, designed, coded, and even thought of. Let’s see if low-code and closed loop dovetail automation into intent-based networks. As the networking landscape transformed from a siloed, rigid, monolithic and slow beast; to a fast bird that can be accelerated with Software-based […]

Cloud Interoperability Is Good for Cloud Providers

Talk to cloud providers about interoperability, and they get an allergic reaction, a bad allergic reaction … one that comes on within milliseconds. I get their reasoning. The market is moving too fast, and creating standards will only slow down the pace of innovation. Or you’ll hear “we’ve invested so much in innovation, why should […]