What is Cybercrime Costing Businesses? Might Virtualization, Containers and Other Security Initiatives Reduce Cybercrime by 2020?

By Dr. Robert B. Cohen A major focus of the upcoming Open Networking User Group meeting in November will be security. An important panel is focused on “Open Cloud Infrastructure Security Vulnerabilities and Mitigation.” In addition, a new working group has emerged to tackle the various issues with security and Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs). […]

Working Group Update: How Aryo Kresnadi of FedEx is Helping to Change the Future of Traffic Monitoring and Visibility

Managing the Network becomes far more challenging with today’s networks. Given fast-enough transmission and sufficient load, traditional data collection methods are unable to cope with data volumes. The result: traffic monitoring and visibility may be flawed or inaccurate. As a board member of ONUG, Aryo Kresnadi is spearheading an effort to provide a set of […]

NSV Working Group Update with Credit Suisse’s Vesko Pehlivanov

  Anyone who would like to reimagine their networks should listen to Vesko Pehlivanov. The service architect of security at Credit Suisse is the chairman of the Network Service Virtualization (NSV) working group here at ONUG. NSV describes how to virtualize firewalls, load balancers, and other network services. There are already approaches for OpenStack, Docker, […]