ONUG Fall 2015: The Emergence of Open Software-Defined Infrastructure Ecosystem

ONUG Fall 2015 may be finished, but the implications and themes from the show will be with us for years to come. Center stage was the evolution of network infrastructure to software and the emerging open IT Frameworks. Software defined networking (SDN) is part of a broader IT transition toward open Software-Defined Infrastructure in the […]

SD-WAN Drives Interoperability

by Steve Woo This fall ONUG participants are focusing on interoperability.  For enterprises and service providers alike interoperability means avoiding vendor lock in, but even more importantly it means achieving the ability to piece together the best solutions for their needs.  Interoperability may be considered a key promise of applying SDN principles to the WAN.  […]

SD-WAN Interoperability

Next week we’ll converge on New York City for ONUG Fall. The ONUG team has a ton of amazing content planned: fireside chats with IT leaders, roundtables with executives, and more. But it’s the POC demonstrations that have us most excited.

Supercharge Your SDN Infrastructure with Advanced Application Delivery

by John Gudmundson Enterprise networking has been plagued by two significant concerns. First, such environments have an inherently large-scale, shared infrastructure, yet the network architecture is typically static in nature. When IT on-boards a new application or equipment upgrades are made or is simply scaled up, things may not go as planned. Applications can ‘break’, […]

The Future of Network Analytics

  When it comes to network management, there is no lack of data. Screen response times, security alerts, spin times, latency statistics – we collect, store, and process data at all layers of the network.