Seeking Truth in Networking: From Testing To Verification

by Brandon Heller Sharp network admins already verify the network in a variety of ways, right?  Pings, traceroutes, and custom scripts verify expected connectivity.  Link and CPU utilization monitoring programs verify normal operation.  Maybe pushed configs are read back in to verify that the device accepted them.  And isn’t verification just another term for testing, […]

There Are No Private, Public, or Hybrid Clouds—Only Islands of Infrastructure to be Consumed

by Bruno Germain At the root of John Boyd’s “OODA loop” methodology, there is the notion that we need to acknowledge and work with levels of “uncertainty”—gaps that result when applying established models to new and changing contexts[i]. Unfortunately, the networking community—desperate for operational stability—largely ignores these mismatches, designing network and security architectures as if […]

Apps are On the Move, What’s a CIO to Do?

by George McGregor  People have been on the move for a while – workspaces, applications and data are increasingly accessed from mobile devices. This has had a big impact on application delivery.  For any business these days, its all about apps and its all about the customer experience delivered by these apps. 

An Open Welcome to Open Networking

by Ahmad Zamer From cloud computing to the Internet of Things, the global digital economy has created new realities that require new demands and increased scaling for IT and data centers. Thriving in the new world requires adapting to the new realities and quickly. Open networking offers enterprises a path to building cloud data centers […]

Digital Transformation Needs Fundamental Rethink of Networking

by Milind Bhise $500,000. That’s the current approximate cost of a taxi medallion in New York City. Just a couple of years back it was over a million dollars. Share of trips of New York City’s Yellow Taxi has dropped from 84% in April 2015 to 65% in April 2016 (Source: NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission and […]