Simplification Will Accelerate Software-Defined Data Center Adoption

by Steven Shalita Organizations are looking for ways to scale-out their data center network to meet the increasing demands of the business. The digital enterprise, fueled by new applications, hyper-growth of the Cloud, and adoption of hybrid IT are all driving dramatic change. In order for organizations to fully realize the potential of technology, they […]

A Common API to Program the Enforcement Points

by Mukesh Gupta When ONUG SDSS (Software Defined Security Services) working group brought together IT executives from large enterprises including Bank of America, Barclays, Cigna, Salesforce, Tesla, Visa, Wells Fargo, etc., they prioritized the following two security use cases to the top of their list:

The Self Operating Network

by Derick Winkworth  Software Defined Networking has passed through its first major cycle. Many associated ideas have been consigned to the trash bin of history, while many other ideas have either evolved or sprung anew. As a network engineer I really hoped, back in 2011, that SDN would address many of my day-to-day challenges. With […]