Dynamically Securing Applications in a Multi-Cloud World

Security threats continue to increase exponentially in volume and in risk. According to a recent CBR article, cybercrime is expected to cost the world more than $2 trillion by 2019. Developers are creating applications more frequently and many are migrating them between different clouds for business agility. The greater volume and dynamic nature of applications […]

The Multi-Cloud World is Here to Stay: Be Sure You Are Ready…

by Calvin Rowland The whole tech industry is abuzz with talk of multi-cloud environments. Survey after survey shows definitively that the race is on to a multi-cloud world. In fact, according to IDC, 30%[1] or more of organizations have already migrated or have plans to migrate literally every workload to the cloud. Further, 85%[2] of large businesses […]

The Blueprint for Micro-Segmentation 2.0

by Manuel Nedbal  “Micro-segmentation” has rapidly become the de facto term invoked when cloud and virtualization teams start talking risk, compliance and security policy for highly virtualized or Cloud infrastructure environments.  Yet while this important concept provides a foundation upon which security may be applied, by itself, it does not constitute enterprise-class security. It is […]

Enabling Hybrid WAN for Cloud and IoT Applications

by Atchison Frazer Back in 2015, we offered some popular advice on “how to create a virtual WAN” (VWAN), a concept that was widely covered in the media at the time as a game-changing alternative to MPLS. However, the name quickly became outdated, as discussions about the future of networking shifted to software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) […]

Service Assurance in Hybrid Cloud at an Affordable TCO

During the spring 2017 ONUG general meeting, at the conclusion of the Monitoring and Analytics (M&A) panel, a member of the audience commented, “We are already collecting a lot of data; and, you are telling us to collect even more?” His point was well understood by the panel members and the audience:  there is a […]

Software-Defined Adaptive Security Using SDN Analytics and Automated Response for Securing Hybrid Cloud, Datacenter, and Branch

by Hari Krishnan The threat landscape is getting more sophisticated with the rise of ransomware, web based malware, botnets and phishing emails resulting in significant financial loss and data breaches. Recent malware like WannaCry ransomware that used lateral movement shows the importance of ensuring proper segmentation both at the branch and datacenter to contain lateral […]