Securing the Digital Economy

To Secure the Digital Economy, a New Relationship between Industry and Federal Government Is Needed As the economy goes digital, are our current institutions, technologies, legislation, processes, etc., sufficient to secure our digital future? The headlines over the past 18 months make it clear that the answer is no. Many believe that we are on […]

Top 5 ONUG Community Member Benefits

Why Should YOU, as an IT Professional, Become an ONUG Community Member? At a recent ONUG Board meeting, members shared that vendors are offering a 40 to 70% consideration/discount on infrastructure products and services when the vendor realizes they are an ONUG Community member. I was surprised to hear this. Others were surprised to hear that they […]

Driven by ONUG and the IT Community, the Future of SD-WAN Depends on Responsible Service Provider Delivery

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) has come a long way since ONUG ignited the conversation about the market and practical use cases for this promising new technology just four years ago. Eighty-seven percent of 800 network management executives use or plan to use SD-WAN within the next two years, according to a March 2017 IDC survey of mid-size and large companies with at least 10 locations and representing a variety of industries. SD-WAN sales are predicted to grow at a 69 percent compound annual growth rate, reaching $8.05 billion in 2021, notes IDC’s Worldwide SD-WAN Forecast for 2017–2021.

How AI will transform your Wi-Fi?

I’ve always had a lot of respect for veterinarians, because they are masters at solving problems based purely on fuzzy symptoms that their patients cannot explain: where it hurts, how long it’s been hurting, and what events led up to the problem. Many times the patients don’t even know they are sick. Yet a vet is able to make educated guesses with the data they do have, which often results in successful diagnoses and treatments.

IT Professionals: We Are on Our Own!

Gone are the days that large enterprise IT organizations would rely upon large vertically integrated IT vendors to sell us full stack solutions. Yes, many legacy application workloads rely upon proprietary stacks supplied from a single vendor and their ecosystem partners, but in today’s digital transformation era, IT organizations are more and more becoming solution […]