Re-Tooling the Enterprise For The Software-Defined Market

by Nick Lippis The two largest barriers of entry of the software-defined revolution are skills and tools. The Software-Defined Enterprise will not become a reality unless there are new monitoring and analytic tools as well as new infrastructure DevOps engineers with the skills to put the tools to work. At ONUG, we’ve seen the lack […]

How the Service Providers Missed The SD-WAN Market

by Nick Lippis One of the great ONUG success stories is the creation of the SD-WAN market. Its inception took place on an April day in 2013 when the ONUG Board convened for its twice-yearly, face-to-face meeting at UBS headquarters. During this meeting, ONUG Board members shared use cases for which they required solutions that […]

Machine Learning and Meta-Clouds Next for Cloud Services (Part 2)

INNOVATION IN CLOUD SERVICES USHERS IN A NEW ERA FOR DATA CENTER IT, RE-DEFINING MARKET LANDSCAPES Part 2 of a 2-part series. Don’t miss Part 1.  Machine Learning and AI Transform Business Machine-learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics capabilities integrated with enterprise and mobile applications are set to bring more innovation, changing how enterprises will serve their customers. […]

How to Turn IT from a Business Impediment into an Innovation Driver

In the past, people often preferred large, established institutions vs. smaller start-ups because the former offered a wider set of features and options. Let’s take the example of financial institutions. Large banks have the infrastructure and resources to offer their consumers high-quality banking facilities and support in different locations around the world. 

Machine Learning and Meta-Clouds Next for Cloud Services (Part 1)

Innovation in cloud services ushers in a new era for data center IT, re-defining market landscapes Part 1 of a 2-part series. Don’t miss part 2. Enterprises are migrating applications to the cloud, to improve agility and reap cost savings. Agility means enterprises can shorten the time needed to introduce new applications and either increase or […]