Full Stack and the Opportunities for Network Engineers

As enterprise IT explores ways of streamlining operations, there’s a growing requirement for individuals with cross-functional skill sets. The full-stack revolution, as this is called, combines conventional networking skill with other disciplines, such as application and security skill sets. It’s been seen by some as a threat to traditional network engineering. Not so, says Pablo […]

How Full Stack is Driving Vendor Innovation

As products have become more specialized, they are appealing to an increasingly narrow and more sophisticated customer set. Firewalls are no longer meant for IT engineers, but firewall experts. SSL requires deep knowledge of SSL certifications. Such segmentation subsequently requires specialized expertise from IT personnel and poses a multidimensional challenge for hiring managers.

2016 Predictions for Networking Evolution

by Nick Lippis  Last year members of the ONUG Community took front row seats to the emergence of a software-defined Infrastructure ecosystem and its cloudification. In this new software-defined world, the wide area or (SD-WAN) came into focus. ONUG Fall at NYU saw the greatest participation ever of SD-WAN players, as thirteen vendors exhibited an […]

From the Front Lines of ONUG Fall 2015: Open IT Frameworks

by Lee Doyle   At the most recent Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Conference, halls were buzzing with discussions regarding the expansion of open IT frameworks and how companies will move forward in managing them. Organizations like ONUG are critical in assisting IT managers by providing a framework to evaluate network management tools and a […]

ONUG Fall 2015: The Emergence of Open Software-Defined Infrastructure Ecosystem

ONUG Fall 2015 may be finished, but the implications and themes from the show will be with us for years to come. Center stage was the evolution of network infrastructure to software and the emerging open IT Frameworks. Software defined networking (SDN) is part of a broader IT transition toward open Software-Defined Infrastructure in the […]

SD-WAN Drives Interoperability

by Steve Woo This fall ONUG participants are focusing on interoperability.  For enterprises and service providers alike interoperability means avoiding vendor lock in, but even more importantly it means achieving the ability to piece together the best solutions for their needs.  Interoperability may be considered a key promise of applying SDN principles to the WAN.  […]