Low Code and Closed Loop Automation — Crucial for Intent-Based Networking

Automation in networking is casting new implications on the way networks are engineered, structured, designed, coded, and even thought of. Let’s see if low-code and closed loop dovetail automation into intent-based networks. As the networking landscape transformed from a siloed, rigid, monolithic and slow beast; to a fast bird that can be accelerated with Software-based […]

Cloud Interoperability Is Good for Cloud Providers

Talk to cloud providers about interoperability, and they get an allergic reaction, a bad allergic reaction … one that comes on within milliseconds. I get their reasoning. The market is moving too fast, and creating standards will only slow down the pace of innovation. Or you’ll hear “we’ve invested so much in innovation, why should […]

AIOps: What Is It Good For?

You’re on a corporate web conferencing call using Zoom, Webex, Goto Meeting, BlueJeans, Google Talk, Skype, etc and all of a sudden it stops working. The complaints start to roll in, business is slowed, tempers flare and the first thing operational personnel think is, “what the heck, it was working fine yesterday!” Was there a […]

Everything You Knew about IT is Now Wrong

In fact, even the word Information in IT is starting to disappear in organization titles. Rather than Chief Information Officer organization, titles that include the words “Enterprise Technology” are starting to pop up in the Global 2000. The main reason is that “IT” is synonymous with productivity improvement through information technology, i.e., email, databases, legacy applications, […]

AI in Intelligent and Lossless Data Center Network

The AI era is accelerating. AI is no longer just a data model in a lab. In addition, the industry is constantly exploring the way to implement AI applications. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of government, finance, Internet, new retail, new manufacturing, and healthcare industries with AI implementation will exceed 30% in the future […]

In the Age of SaaS, Lessons Can be Leveraged from the Past

With the introduction of the Riverbed SaaS Accelerator service it gives us a reason to consider where we’ve been, where we are today, and the opportunities ahead as enterprises make a full shift away from old-style technologies toward modern cloud-based architectures and SaaS applications to drive greater businesses outcomes.  Today, enterprises have many more choices […]