Micro-Segmentation: Overcoming Barriers to Deployment

It’s official: micro-segmentation has become “a thing.” Enterprise security experts are declaring that 2018 is the year they are going to do it and do it right. The irreversible movement of critical workloads into virtualized, hybrid cloud environments demands it. Audits and industry compliance requirements make it imperative. News stories of continued data center breaches, […]

The Next Wave of Network Automation: Add Real-Time Verification to Orchestration Projects

The ONUG organization has taken a leadership role to advocate for open standards and interoperability across networking technologies that have led to tremendous improvements in automation. Recent years have seen a flurry of network automation projects as organizations improve their network agility to keep up with DevOps, as well as a proliferation of virtual application […]

Digital Business Requires an End-to-End Intelligence for WAN Edge

Digital Transformations Get Pervasive – Driving Enterprise Productivity, Efficiency and Competitiveness CIOs across enterprise verticals are investing in digital transformation initiatives, driving a digital era like never before. According to IDG’s 2018 Digital Business research, 89% of the organizations have adopted a digital-first strategy. 32% of IT decision makers have testified that digital transformation has […]

All-Cloud is the Future of Enterprise Campus Network

All-Cloud network Architecture helps global enterprises to enable digital transformation in campus network, multi-region branch, and IoT scenarios. Technologies continue to develop and innovate at an unprecedented rate, enterprise services will change rapidly, and network systems will change accordingly. We believe that these trends will change enterprise networks. Cloud-based Enterprise Network Management Extends from Small-Sized […]

Multi-Cloud Is an Application Strategy, Not an Infrastructure Strategy

  Multi-Cloud is one of the hottest trends for enterprises right now, but a common misconception can cost your organization millions if it isn’t addressed. IT leaders need to recognize that multi-cloud is an application strategy, not an infrastructure strategy. Adopting multiple clouds can deliver a better global footprint, provide unique data services, and avoid […]

Cloud First No More, Cloud Smarter Instead

A Request for Comment (RFC) on cloud computing adoption across the federal government has gone out and it says that it’s time to move from Cloud First to Cloud Smart. According to an article on NextGov.com, “The new strategy will update the Obama administration’s “Cloud First” policy, established in 2010, to better reflect where agencies […]