Cisco SD-WAN at Johnsonville Sausage: Cutting Costs and Complexity

IT conversion doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. Johnsonville Sausage proved that when they converted existing CISCO hardware into an SD-WAN architecture. Anthony Wild, Johnsonville’s Global Network Operations Manager, sat down with Lloyd Noronha of Cisco at last year’s ONUG Fall conference to discuss this simple shift that had a big payoff.  […]

Letter from the Publisher: The ONUG Report April 2020

From the Publisher: To say we all have been challenged over the past few weeks is a total understatement.  We are concerned for the health of our families, self and businesses. At ONUG, last year we had scheduled our ONUG Spring conference in Dallas for May 2020; while it’s obvious now that a change was […]

The Coming Apocalypse of the Hyperscaler Advantage … and the Open Solutions Approach That Could Save the Digital Economy

At the ONUG’s spring conference in 2019, Dr. Douglas E Comer, a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University, spoke about a recurring phenomenon in technology deployment: the lack of system interoperability that limits economic growth for businesses.  As a member of the original IAB, he participated in the early development of the Internet […]

Perspectives From Inside the Trenches: Real-World Network Automation

Use case narratives have long been established as invaluable guidebooks. Especially in the digital world where technology is rapidly changing, tapping the minds of those that are in the trenches yields immeasurable insights. This is exactly what happened at ONUG’s conference last Fall in NYC. The keynote session focused on large-scale automation made possible by […]

Achieving Fast DevOps at High Scale with Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes has emerged as an effective technology for managing containerized workloads across platforms, environments and geographies, greatly streamlining operations workloads. More specifically, Kubernetes has helped organizations achieve fast DevOps. How so? That’s the question Jagmeet Chawla with The Weather Company and Jason McGee with IBM Cloud Platform answered during the keynote address at ONUG’s Fall […]