How We’ll Know When the Open Infrastructure Revolution Has Arrived

by Peter Burrows It’s been four long years since VMware bought Nicira for over a billion dollars. That shocking price-tag—for a company with essentially zero revenues—sounded the starting gun for what was expected to be a rush by vendors to create new, open ways for companies to build, operate and monetize their networks. Rather than […]

Evolving IT Networks from Legacy Silos to Radical Responsiveness

by Ichiro Fukuda Enterprise companies have historically organized themselves around functional silos such as R&D, marketing, and sales that focus largely on their own respective value chains and fiercely independent agendas. The nature of the network and IT infrastructure that therefore evolved to accompany this kind of business structure naturally emulated its lack of openness, sharing […]

Why Testing and Debugging Networks is so Difficult

by Nikhil Handigol The network lies at the heart of a modern enterprise’s ability to perform its daily business and operations. When a network outage occurs, due to a policy misconfiguration or a device failure, business grinds to a halt. Almost every week, it seems, we read a new headline where a Fortune 500 company […]

IT Organizational Model Challenges in the Software-Defined World

by Nick Lippis Cloud-based application development – be it software-defined, containers, or micro-servers – coupled with a new type of organizational model enables IT delivery at the speed of business. Still, one of the biggest challenges in deploying cloud solutions is transitioning to a new IT organizational model, which necessitates a change in existing skill […]