Open Networking in a Multi-Cloud World

Digital transformation, multi-cloud adoption and the addition of IoT endpoints are driving the requirements for new network architectures. Software-based networks are an essential component of agile IT systems as they provide improved scalability, interoperability and automation. Networks in the data center, branch and campus (each with their unique requirements) will need to be upgraded/redesigned to […]

AI Has Changed the IT Service Model Forever – Here’s How.

We get asked all the time what “AI for IT” really means. Is it just a fancy way of saying “automation”, or is there more to the equation? Why is it so prevalent now? Well, if we were to put together an “AI for IT” manifesto, it would go something like this: … IT has […]

Disaggregation: The Key Driver for Cognitive Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

The principle of disaggregation is fundamental to both software-defined networking and software-defined application infrastructure. Yet disaggregation presents serious challenges for network operations, IT operations and DevOps teams. At the network layer, SDN enables separation of the control plane from the data plane and the network operating system (NOS) from the underlying switching hardware. Programmable merchant […]

Digital Transformation and Networking

Digital transformation is coming. We hear about how organizations are using it to streamline their processes. We talk to forward-thinking CTOs and CIOs that are leading the charge to change their businesses to be more agile and responsive. But why? There’s a lot of capital tied up in legacy IT. In the US federal government, […]

The Disruption of Cloud Runs Deeper Than You Think

You’re about to be disrupted by cloud, whether you adopted it or not. Cloud. It’s been ten years since pundits and press alike declared it the greatest disruption to IT since the turn of the century. And it has been. Cloud has disrupted business models, upset the apple cart of IT, and changed the way […]