Cloud-Ready Enterprise WAN

By David Klebanov Many organizations have embarked on the journey of adopting the public cloud. For some it had become a new norm of delivering infrastructure and applications, while others view it as means of augmenting their existing on-premise resources. Whatever the case may be, the question of architecting wide area network connectivity to the […]

Why SD-WAN is Critical to Your Business

by Brian Promes Competitive pressures and changes in the business environment are pushing many organizations toward digital transformation. Enterprises, communication services providers, and managed services companies are all trying to leverage digital technologies and change in their business processes to build in more speed, agility and efficiency.

How To Build A Monitoring and Analytics Infrastructure App Developers Will Love

by Nick Lippis As the ONUG Community ventures down the path of a hybrid cloud-based software-defined world, it becomes abundantly clear that operational teams are without the tools needed to operationalize their proof of concepts. A new comprehensive tool suite is needed for the software-defined enterprise. The tools of most interest: those that deliver monitoring […]

There is no Private or Public Cloud, only a Hybrid Cloud

by Nick Lippis ONUG offers, bar none, the best indicator of what’s real in the industry. At UBS headquarters in September of 2013, the ONUG Board met to define the major themes and narrative for ONUG Fall 2013 hosted by JPMorgan Chase. This was during the hype of OpenFlow, OpenDayLight and OpenStack. During that meeting, […]

The Rise of the User Voice

by Nick Lippis The public voice of IT business leaders has been muted over the past two decades. Part of this was due to corporate PR, legal, and mitigation teams forbidding IT executives from speaking in public. Part of the cause was the lack of forums available for IT leaders to collaborate and exchange successes […]

The ONUG Community Rethinks Security For a Software-Defined Cloud-Based World

by Nick Lippis  Gone are the days when enterprise security was defined by physical firewalls and IPS devices placed in a DMZ and programmed with rules that either allowed or denied access. It’s not that these security appliances are not needed or important anymore, it’s just that they are legacy, hardware-based, inflexible gatekeeper devices that […]