ONUG 2020 Focuses Community Efforts on the “Enterprise Cloud”

ONUG 2019 was focused on building and running the secure digital enterprise via hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. The ONUG Board decided to build upon this work and focus our significant community resources on the “Enterprise Cloud.” At ONUG, the Enterprise Cloud is the primary business platform in which a corporation becomes a digital enterprise driving […]

ONUG Europe 2019 Field Trip Report

Dear ONUG Community, First things first as we close out on 2019 … Thank You For Your Support of the ONUG Community – the Architects of Our Digital Future At ONUG Europe, many members asked that I put together a field trip report that could be shared with their colleagues, and I am pleased to […]

ONUG and MEF Collaborate on Managed SD-WAN Services and Standards – The European Perspective

Check out this session moderated by Stephen Collins of ONUG and Daniel Bar-Lev of MEF. Panelists from Telia Carrier, COLT Technology Services and InfoVista discussed the current state of SD-WAN adoption in Europe and the important role managed service providers will play in defining standard service delivery models that promise a turnkey, low risk approach […]

On the Edge: How Sprawling Networks Have Redefined WAN Security Requirements

The notion of a self-contained network that lives inside a controlled, secure perimeter has been blown apart with the advent of cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Instead, technology advances have led to a sprawling profusion of networks and individual devices that live outside the network edge or on the near or far edge […]

2019 What an Exciting Year: November ONUG Report

What an exciting year it has been for the ONUG enterprise community. Last month in NYC at ONUG Fall, hosted by Cigna, Senior level IT executives and DevOps professionals from over 1100 large enterprises attended to share and hear the latest on building – running and securing the digital enterprise. Over 65 leading ONUG vendor […]