Automation and the Network of Clouds

The Network continues to evolve toward the Cloud with the creation of a modern ecosystem consisting of Public Cloud providers and Network Specialists.  The evolution of the Public Cloud has matured from the first years which consisted of a land grab whereby CIOs were pitched AWS as a destination for all of their workloads; to […]

Realize the Promise of a Virtualized Multi-Service Ecosystem

Comcast Business ActiveCore℠ SDN platform provides a multi-service ecosystem that is truly changing network management. Jody Hagemann of Comcast led a panel discussion at last year’s ONUG conference that explained how ActiveCore is providing users with the flexibility and customization they need to develop technology solutions to meet mission-critical business needs. Joining her were ActiveCore […]

Letter from the Publisher: April 2020 ONUG Newsletter

ONUG Digital Live is just a few weeks away and we’re ready for the best virtual experience in the industry. This ONUG is a special edition on Automated Cloud Governance. Why are we focused on this? Because governance gets in the way of all digital transformation projects and is usually the root cause of failure, […]

ONUG Blog: Your Digital Transformation Needs SD-WAN

Companies across industries of all sizes require solutions that enable fast, easy deployment and real-time, centralized operations management. SD-WAN is strategically positioned to make the digital transformation a reality. Vinod Kumar Balasubramanyam of VMware spoke at ONUG’s Fall Conference, providing insight into why SD-WAN is the ideal choice for companies of any size. In addition […]

Cigna: Overcoming Challenges and Leading the Digital Revolution in Healthcare

Healthcare costs are rising, and the current COVID-19 crisis is sure to create financial hardship for both patients and healthcare facilities. Providing affordable healthcare will become even more of a priority. Digital healthcare promises to be the catalyst for reducing costs and improving patient outcomes. Cigna is leading the digital revolution in the healthcare industry. […]