Say Hello to the Chief Transformation Officer Organization

Within every large corporation today, a power battle is brewing. The battle is over who will own the digital enterprise; that is, who will have the authority, people, budget and responsibility to develop digital revenue streams and move their corporation into the digital economy? ONUG Community members are building and running secure digital enterprises but […]

Five Easy Steps to Cybersecurity 2.0

Enterprises are increasingly looking to implement or reinforce their cybersecurity to protect themselves against malicious attacks. We are living in the wake of heightened cybersecurity tensions (on a global level) – cyber attacks have made their way from a mere inconvenience into crimes that can have global catastrophic repercussions. Organizations will need to implement the […]

What is the Role of IT in the Digital Age?

In the past, IT departments were required to provide service and infrastructure that enable the rest of the organization’s staff to carry out their work and maximize productivity. They were present to allow the rest of the team to proceed with their work but had little or no input in the overall business strategy. Today, […]

Hybrid Cloud – How to Organize and Run It Efficiently at Scale

Besides public and private (on-premises) cloud solutions, the hybrid cloud is the third option that bridges the gap between the two. Despite the public cloud service market reaching the worth of more than $200 billion, many companies are also using on-site (private) clouds. On-site cloud is the best option for industries with strict workflow needs […]

Breaking through the Barriers to Hybrid Multi-Cloud Adoption

The ONUG Hybrid Multi-Cloud (HMC) Working Group consists of IT executives tasked with identifying the barriers to cloud adoption and making actionable recommendations for how ONUG can help the community break through these barriers. For example, after each ONUG event, the working group evaluates attendee use case voting results, which often leads to the creation […]