The ONUG Working Groups: Attacking Hybrid Multi-Cloud Challenges From Multiple Angles

Working groups serve as ONUG’s vehicle for generating industry change. Members of the ONUG Community – IT professionals, vendors, service providers and solutions integrators – join together to address the wide range of challenges enterprises must overcome on their journey to digital transformation. Enterprise IT application deployment in complex hybrid multi-cloud environments presents users with […]

In a Downturn? Double Down on Being Digital

There has been an increased drumbeat in the business press about a recession on the horizon, thanks to the inverted yield curve, trade tensions, slower global growth, earnings pressure, etc. But don’t get too concerned; according to Mark Haefele, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at UBS, in his  August 14th CIO report, “We remain confident that […]

Gearing Up For the 7th Annual ONUG Fall in NYC: August Newsletter

ONUG has expanded dramatically over the past year, and much of this will come into focus at ONUG Fall in NYC on October 16th and 17th. The community has expanded to embrace enterprise technologists building upon its IT business leaders roots. That is, as community member companies become more and more secure digital enterprises serving […]

Network Visibility in Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments

A sales representative at a remote branch office just opened a ticket with support. She is unable to load new emails as well as the team group chat on her laptop when connected to the corporate WiFi. As a result, she had to tether her laptop to her mobile phone and use her own personal […]

New AIOps for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Working Group Launching at ONUG Fall in NYC

The ONUG Community is eager to explore the application of AI technology to streamline operator workflows and drive the automation of complex, hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. In a conference session at ONUG Spring 2019 in Dallas, IT executives and vendors shared perspectives on the challenges of hybrid cloud operations and exchanged ideas for solving the key […]

Call for Speakers and Use Cases — ONUG Fall and Europe

ONUG is the largest community of IT executives in the Global 2000 focused at the intersection of business and digital strategy taking their corporations into the digital economy. At the heart of ONUG is sharing; that is, IT professionals gain the best insights from peers that share best practices and challenges. Business -driven digital transformation strategies […]