ONUG Digital Live 2020

Automation in the Age of the Remote Workforce: Terracon and Gluware Show the Way Throughout the years at ONUG, Gluware has consistently shown how it partners with customers. It is unique in that its customers advocate for Gluware in public, which is a difficult internal process to undergo. But time and time again, Gluware’s customers do. […]

Don’t Rely on Your Network to Manage the Network

Enterprise IT organizations, following the lead of hyperscale service providers, are adopting virtualization and automation technologies in order to scale infrastructure effectively. But no matter how much you automate and virtualize your systems, you rely on the physical network infrastructure that underpins it all to remain resilient. While the DevOps philosophy drives the efficient management […]

Cloud Native DevOps – Agile for Infrastructure

What best practices for agile infrastructure should you implement? Industry leaders gathered to discuss this topic at last Fall’s ONUG conference. Chris Swan of DXC Technology moderated a discussion with David McKay of InfluxData, Anne Currie of Container Solutions and Ben Hall of Katacoda. Below are their top five recommendations for enterprises today. Gather more […]

Cloud Networking or Networking for the Cloud?

Upon a first glance you may not realize the difference between cloud networking and networking for the cloud. After all, are these not the same thing, you may ask? As you will learn here, even though they carry a degree of similarity, there are still distinct differences between these two concepts.  We all know that […]

Shift Well-Architecture Left. By Extension, Security Will Follow

Using Infrastructure as Code(IaC for short) is the norm in the Cloud. CloudFormation, CDK, Terraform, Serverless Framework, ARM… the options are endless! And they are so many just because IaC makes total sense! It allows Architects and DevOps engineers to version the application infrastructure as much as the developers are already versioning the code. So […]