Infrastructure as Code for Network Automation

We believe we are at an inflection point as the slow, steady progress towards standardization and APIs has been replaced by a frenetic response to the business and automation demands that are being placed on the network.  What has historically been allowed to work independently at their own pace for risk mitigation purposes is now […]

The Safe Road to SD-WAN Runs Through Hybrid WAN Architecture

One of the major misconceptions around SD-WAN is that it requires a re-architecting of the network, and seeing the benefits will take anywhere from 6 – 24 months. It’s completely possible to have all the power of application-aware SD-WAN in as little as two months without re-architecting the network, and to start seeing digital ROI […]

Delivering Fast SaaS – With Some Help from SD-WAN

When it comes to cloud applications – and every business uses them – SaaS rules. CRM, ERP, HCM, UCaaS, productivity, and even desktops – these are just a few within the myriad of SaaS choices used by the workforce of today’s modern organization. What these apps have in common is that they’re beleaguered by a […]

Protecting BGP Routes with Proactive End-User Monitoring

BGP protocol has allowed network operators to apply and enforce the most varied inter-AS routing policies during the past 30 years. It is amazing how this protocol efficiently sustained the ever-increasing number of subnets and AS’s, as well as the evolution of the Internet from a mostly hierarchical structure made of customers and providers to […]

Closing the Loop on Automation: Forward Networks + Ansible

In my previous ONUG blog post Query Your Network like a Database, I talked about how companies are embracing Network Automation in order to become more agile. I described how Network Automation can be very powerful but frighteningly dangerous without a proper safety guard. I explained what the Forward Networks Network Query Engine is and […]

Analyzing This Summer’s Google Cloud Outage

Moving critical applications and services to the cloud brings power and agility to IT teams who no longer have to worry about building and maintaining infrastructure. But it also brings risks because cloud computing introduces a solid dose of unpredictability due to the sheer complexity of the Internet and cloud connectivity. We are reminded of […]