AI for IT – A New Industry Consortium

In the last five years, AI has become a buzzword that spurred a lot of debate and discussions. We live in an increasingly digital world and continue to rely more and more on digital in almost all aspects of our lives. So, there is a need for us to understand the basic concepts and differences […]

Ultra-High-Speed Lossless Networks Opens the Door for AI

AI Demands New Network Capabilities Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the need for high-performance distributed computing and high-speed distributed storage using Solid-State Drives (SSDs). The traffic model for efficient AI training requires very high network throughput, and storage networks based on Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) or Solid State Device drives (SSDs) add a low-latency requirement […]

VPN: The End of an Era?

In a day and age where the importance of securing communications is finally gaining the recognition that it’s deserved, too many enterprises are still looking at traditional VPN’s as the best means to handle access and interconnection. While some may still be tied to existing implementations by regulatory constraints, most could gain additional measures of […]

Software-Defined Security – Natural Affinity with SD-WAN Integration

Virtualized WAN services are much like any other software application, in that SD-WAN services must be secure. Except in the case of SD-WAN, VNF software also has to secure the “payload” of the packet, which increasingly is a cloud – or SaaS-based application. SD-Security is a crucial factor in the overall SD-WAN value equation in […]