Retooling IT Operations with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The ONUG Community is in the vanguard of migrating of enterprise IT applications to hybrid multi-cloud environments. While the business benefits are real, this effort is not without its challenges. Hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure is cloud-scale, confronting IT managers with application performance management challenges beyond the capabilities of existing tools and techniques for traditional enterprise IT. […]

Protect Your Company’s Intellectual Property from Theft

The White House is taking aggressive action against China for illegal trade practices as well as intellectual property theft. It’s important to understand why and implement countermeasures to ensure your data is safe. Drive through middle America and you’ll see closed factories whose products are now manufactured in China. For the past few decades China […]

Leveraging AI Across the Whole IT Stack

As we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of one of the networking industry’s most prolific standards, 802.11, I can’t help but think about what new standards will drive the adoption of IT for the next 30 years.  As we all know, standards are not only critical for getting new technologies going. They are also essential […]

Five Easy Ways to Mine for Digital Transformation Gold at ONUG

A few ONUG Board members expressed that behind ONUG is a huge gold mine. What they mean is that the ONUG Community has a wealth of market knowledge and requirements to buy solutions to address digital transformation initiatives. It communicates aggregated requirements in many ways, via its working groups, fireside chats, session topics, keynote speakers, […]

Securing the Digital Economy

To Secure the Digital Economy, a New Relationship between Industry and Federal Government Is Needed As the economy goes digital, are our current institutions, technologies, legislation, processes, etc., sufficient to secure our digital future? The headlines over the past 18 months make it clear that the answer is no. Many believe that we are on […]

Top 5 ONUG Community Member Benefits

Why Should YOU, as an IT Professional, Become an ONUG Community Member? At a recent ONUG Board meeting, members shared that vendors are offering a 40 to 70% consideration/discount on infrastructure products and services when the vendor realizes they are an ONUG Community member. I was surprised to hear this. Others were surprised to hear that they […]