SD-WAN Traffic Steering Moves Enterprise Apps Across Clouds

Traffic steering classifies traffic and matches application requirements with network characteristics, conditions and behaviors. It’s similar to a car’s GPS or Waze effect that directs drivers to the best route for their destination, based on conditions like congestion, accidents and priority payload. SD-WAN enables real-time application traffic steering over any type of link, such as […]

SD-WAN Multi-Domain Problem

SD-WAN 2.0 is Inherently a Multi-Domain Solution SD-WAN is driving a multi-domain, multi-controller environment Multi-Cloud is the reality for most enterprises, including the adoption of SaaS-based enterprise software platforms Treating the network as a separate ‘silo’ will not harvest the full benefits of an automation strategy Recent innovation in the networking domain is due in […]

Most SD-WAN Solutions Don’t Provide Enough Security

Just a few years ago, the most frequent challenges experienced by branch offices were the result of a slow connection to the central data center. Over time, this grew to include the inability to deploy reliable latency-sensitive applications and services at the branch, such as VoIP or video conferencing. While MPLS was adopted to resolve […]

Next-Gen Data Centre Networking – Built for AI, Powered by AI

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) is creating new opportunities for businesses and consumers. Indeed, PwC, a major consultancy, expects AI to contribute over $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. At the same time, within the data centre, a move to micro-services-based software architectures, distributed storage, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) workloads are pushing east-west […]

DeRisking the Enterprise-Everywhere WAN

Digital transformation is accelerating within the enterprise, as businesses seek to improve agility, avoid disruption, and gain competitive advantage. As part of this transformation, enterprises are increasingly leveraging cloud-based applications and services and embracing mobility and a distributed workforce. Bandwidth consumption is dramatically expanding to accommodate SaaS, and the prospect of rising transport costs and […]

Tomorrow’s SD-WAN – Driven by Application Experience

There’s an old retail adage that the customer is king. Well, extending that ideology into today’s digital business, we might say the user is king. Whether it’s customers, partners, or employees, they’ve all come to expect an application experience that is always-on. They don’t care if the source of the problem is the application or […]