Operating in the Cloud and On-Premise – Hybrid Cloud Operations

Companies must consider many factors to decide which IT infrastructure is the right fit. Some enterprises are not able to transfer into the cloud, so they rely on their on-premise software and applications to conduct their business operations. However, due to newfound flexibility, scalability, and agility for enterprises – cloud computing has grown in popularity. […]

ONUG Working Groups: The Philosophy for 2019 is “Less is More”

The second round of ONUG Working Group calls took place last week, with each group engaged in the process of identifying pressing use cases that need to be addressed with the goal of articulating a clear set of requirements that are unambiguous and actionable. The philosophy for 2019 is “less is more.” Each group is […]

IT Security Organizational Model and Culture Needs to Change

With so many large-scale data breaches that occurred in the last couple of years, we must ask ourselves: what does it take to improve the current cybersecurity processes and how to detect vulnerabilities and attacks on time? In reality, many people still think of cybersecurity as a specialized career, which is not something an average […]

ONUG 2019 Community Focus

The Future of IT Work The ONUG narrative is focused on digital transformation within the Global 2000 and its underpinning technologies plus IT culture, organization and skills realignment to manage this exciting transition. Technologies, such as hybrid multi-cloud, a secure internet, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automated and software-driven infrastructure, software-defined wide area networking 2.0, are […]

AI for IT – A New Industry Consortium

In the last five years, AI has become a buzzword that spurred a lot of debate and discussions. We live in an increasingly digital world and continue to rely more and more on digital in almost all aspects of our lives. So, there is a need for us to understand the basic concepts and differences […]