The New Normal of Work from Anywhere – Is Your Network Ready?

The year 2020 has firmly established one thing about how people work—remote work is here to stay, and companies will need to enable remote employees as a norm and not an exception. The year has had a profound impact, starting with business continuity plans in the early days of the global pandemic but evolving to […]

Why Data Consumption Governance Is a Must in the New Normal

As a society, we’ve been forced seemingly overnight into a new work environment with offices closing (and many companies permanently downsizing office space) and remote work seeming more and more like it’s here to stay. The new normal is sure to be more digital, and enterprises are moving quickly to adapt to these changes by […]

Observability, User Experience, and Work from Home: A Case Study

Observability and System Reliability Engineering (SRE) were both borne out of best operations practices at hyperscale companies in the past decade and quickly spread through the DevOps and Cloud-Native communities.  Today, they are also being adopted by some large enterprise moving to the cloud, something that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated along with expanded Work […]

API Automation: Your Bridge to the Modern Network

In its simplest terms, API (Application Programming Interface) defines the methods that can be used to interact with a particular system, the data and format the system requires for each method, and the expected output for each method. In the world of enterprise software, APIs are the intermediaries that allow two pieces of software to […]

ONUG Fall and Digital Transformation Building Blocks

In less than one month,the global enterprise cloud community will convene for a 100% digital live ONUG Fall. Taking place October 14-15, the community will focus on the alignment of business and digital strategy for value creation via building and running of secure digital enterprises. Not only will digital transformation underpinning technologies and approaches be […]

Cloud Governance: Achieving Harmony Between Man and Machine in 3 Easy Steps

You may not immediately recognize the term “cloud governance,” but if you’re working in the cloud, you’re probably already implementing it. You might be a startup that needs to prevent users from creating admin accounts, or a big organization staying compliant with standards such as HIPAA or NIST. Maybe you limit cloud use to avoid […]