Half Day: Understanding and Deploying Virtual Networks

Srini Seetharaman

Instructor: Srini Seetharaman, Technical Lead for Software-Defined Networking, Deutsche Telekom





Analogous to server virtualization, Network Virtualization decouples and isolates virtual networks (i.e., tenants) from the underlying network hardware. One of the key value propositions of Software-defined Networking (SDN) is to enable the provisioning and operation of virtual networks. There are several ways of achieving this, including these two popular modes:

  1. Overlay-mode, where edge servers are programmed to form intelligent overlays;
  2. Fabric-mode, where SDN-enabled top-of-rack physical switches are controlled.

This tutorial provides an overview of both ways, and then proceeds to give hands-on experience in deploying a real overlay-based virtual network using solution from a SDN vendor.



1. Introduction to SDN

  • What is SDN?
  • Why SDN? — Primary value propositions
  • Types of SDN solutions and key players

2. Network Virtualization theory

  • What and why?
  • Network overlays and Encapsulation
  • OpenStack Neutron: Introduction and Integration
  • L4-L7 integration and orchestration

3. SDN-based Network Virtualization

  • Solution classification and deployment modes
  • L2-L4 solution architectures for overlay and physical
  • L4-L7 solution architectures
  • Overview of solutions from popular vendors like Nicira/VMware, PLUMgrid, Big Switch, NEC, Cisco vPath, Embrane Heleos.

4. Hands-on investigation into Overlay-based Virtual Networks

  • Instructor–led walk through of solution from PLUMgrid                                           – Setup, Provisioning, Management, Integration to OpenStack
  • Attendees self-walkthrough of PLUMgrid AWS                                                              – Provisioning, Management, Integration to OpenStack

5. Q&A, Open Discussion


Who Should Attend

  • Enterprise data center server architects and administrators
  • Cloud services architects and administrators
  • OpenStack users
  • Network Architects


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of SDN and Network Virtualization, and how it relates to deploying cloud services.
  • Learn indepth the typical architectures and deployment models for SDN-based network virtualization. Also understand the interaction with cloud management systems and L4-L7 services
  • Gain hands-on experience on a SDN-based network virtualization platform, and explore its potential and allowed features. Gain early exposure to how cloud networking of today and tomorrow is going to be done.


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