Full Day: Writing SDN Applications on Popular Controllers

Matt DavyChuck Black

Instructors:  Matt Davy, Co-Founder and Principal Solutions Architect, and Chuck Black, Co-Founder and Principal Software Architect, Tallac Networks

This tutorial takes the student from the basics of designing and developing SDN applications through the details of building applications on several SDN controllers, both commercial and open-source. The tutorial includes several labs designed to help the student both think and develop software in an SDN manner.  The instructors will walk students through code from real Network Access Control and Blacklist applications and provide labs where the students can alter the behavior of the code. Students will leave with the source code for these applications so they can continue experimenting on their own.


  • Very Brief Introduction to SDN
  • SDN Programming Fundamentals
    • Architecture of the SDN Application
    • Key Design Decision
    • Lab: Designing an SDN Application
    • SDN Programming In-Depth:
      • Floodlight
      • OpenDaylight
      • Cisco ONE
      • HP Flare
      • NEC ProgrammableFlow
      • Lab: SDN Applications in Detail
        • Walk-through code from real SDN applications for Network Access Control and Blacklisting to understand the design decisions involved

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone interested in learning how to develop applications on SDN controllers.
  • Anyone interested in evaluating SDN applications or SDN controllers
  • Note: While some prior programming experience might be helpful, it is not required.


Learning Objectives

  • Deeper understanding of what makes SDN tick at a device, controller, and application level.
  • Ability to design and develop SDN applications based on lab exercises and code samples.
  • Familiarity with the details of the popular SDN controller offerings

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