Half Day: Integrating OpenFlow and OpenStack

Rob Sherwood

Instructor: Rob Sherwood, Chair of the Architecture and Framework Working Group, Open Networking Foundation





Due to increasing multi-tenancy, acquisition, and compliance requirements, the complexity of data center networking is increasing.  As a result, as data centers scale up in size, operators are looking for sources of OpEx and CapEx reduction.  This tutorial will focus on three burgeoning but often confused technologies—OpenStack, SDN, and OpenFlow—and explain their technical capabilities, limitations, and possible longer-term promise.



1. Introductions, Terminology, and Problem Space

2. High-level review of OpenFlow, SDN, and Open Stack architectures

3. Understanding Neutron/Quantum: OpenStack’s Network Policy Language

4. Practical Deployment Lessons Learned

5. Dynamic Service Insertion: Firewalls, Load-balancers

6. Future SDN/OpenStack integration: Heat, Network-awake scheduling, etc.


Who Should Attend

Data center network and server administrators.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how OpenFlow and OpenStack are different but highly complementary technologies.
  • Understand the value of centralized and automated network virtualization.
  • Understand the current ecosystem momentum and future directions.



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