Lane Patterson

Lane Patterson

    VP of Global Network Infrastructure Oath

Lane Patter is currently Vice President of Global Network Infrastructure at Oath. After serving in many roles in telecom and Internet companies, Lane joined Yahoo in 2015. In his role, Lane is responsible for overall architecture and DevOps and reports to Yahoo Co-Founder and Chief Yahoo, David Filo. Previously, Lane served as Vice President of Global Network at Symantec. Prior to joining Symantec, Lane was Chief Network Architect at Equinix. Before that, Lane was Director of IP Network Management Systems for Global Crossing, Inc. where he supported a global IP backbone and first generation content distribution centers. At Metropolitan Fiber Systems, he lead operations of mid-Atlantic Frame Relay, ATM, and related data networking services, as well as the MAE-East Internet exchange point during the first wave of commercial ISP growth. Lane has a deep background in the technologies related to telecommunications, Internet routing, and data center computing infrastructure.

Lane received a B.A. in Physics from Cornell University and an M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.