ONUG Board

Our Brief History
  • Ali Iloglu

    Ali Iloglu

    Managing Director, Head of Global Networks

  • Bruce Pinsky

    Bruce Pinsky

    Distinguished Engineer
    Intuit, Inc.

  • Brian Silverman

    Brian Silverman

    Network and Cloud Architect
    McKesson Technology

  • Tsvi Gal

    Tsvi Gal

    Managing Director
    Morgan Stanley

  • Christopher Moretti

    Christopher Moretti

    Vice President, Global Engineering & Infrastructure Services

  • Mick Currey

    Mick Currey

    Enterprise Cloud Architect
    Fidelity Investments

  • Shafeeq Shaikh

    Shafeeq Shaikh

    Director Tech, Global Network Architecture

  • Mike Elmore

    Mike Elmore

    VP, Operational Technology CISO

  • Ernest Lefner

    Ernest Lefner

    Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

  • Nick Lippis

    Nick Lippis

    Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

    Independent Industry Analyst

  • Harmen Van der Linde

    Harmen Van der Linde


    Director and Global Head, CitiManagementTools

  • Chris Drumgoole

    Chris Drumgoole

    Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    DXC Technology

  • Pablo Espinosa

    Pablo Espinosa

    Sr. Director, Central Connectivity

  • Sam Gambarin

    Sam Gambarin

    Executive Director - Cloud Application Platforms and Development Tools
    Kaiser Permanente

  • Vishal Goradia

    Vishal Goradia

    Director of Network Architecture & Engineering
    Gap, Inc.

  • Aryo Kresnadi

    Aryo Kresnadi

    Technical Director, Global Network Architecture
    FedEx Services

  • Fred Lima

    Fred Lima

    Cybersecurity Architecture
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company

  • Carlos Matos

    Carlos Matos

    Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Risk

  • Snehal Patel

    Snehal Patel

    Global Network Architect
    Gap, Inc.

  • Lane Patterson

    Lane Patterson

    Co-Founder, Investor and Board Member
    EdgeUno, Inc.

  • Vesko Pehlivanov

    Vesko Pehlivanov

    Head of Solution Architecture & Strategy, Security & Technology Services
    Sterling National Bank

  • Neal Secher

    Neal Secher

    Senior Vice President and Head of Networks and Data Center Modernization
    State Street Corporation

  • Manish Vipani

    Manish Vipani

    Head of Cloud Application Services, Vice President
    Kaiser Permanente

  • Gene Sun

    Gene Sun

    CVP & CISO

  • Nelson Tai

    Nelson Tai

    Senior Manager, Hosting and Connectivity Services

  • Regis Rogers

    Regis Rogers

    Executive, Cyber Security Engineering
    Fifth Third Bank

  • Ted Turner

    Ted Turner

    Principal SRE

ONUG Emeritus Board Members

  • James Younan

    James Younan

    Director, Infrastructure Research and Development

  • Michael Payne

    Michael Payne

    Executive Director, Cloud Development
    JPMorgan Chase

  • Andrew Kulawiak

    Andrew Kulawiak

    Director, Cloud Strategy and Engineering
    TD Ameritrade

  • Conrad Menezes

    Conrad Menezes

    Vice President, Industry Initiatives, CTO
    HPE Aruba

  • John Storm

    John Storm

    Executive Director, Institutional Securities Division
    Morgan Stanley