An Open Welcome to Open Networking

by Ahmad Zamer

From cloud computing to the Internet of Things, the global digital economy has created new realities that require new demands and increased scaling for IT and data centers. Thriving in the new world requires adapting to the new realities and quickly. Open networking offers enterprises a path to building cloud data centers that offer competitive advantages and lower operating costs.  Continue reading

Digital Transformation Needs Fundamental Rethink of Networking

by Milind Bhise

$500,000. That’s the current approximate cost of a taxi medallion in New York City. Just a couple of years back it was over a million dollars. Share of trips of New York City’s Yellow Taxi has dropped from 84% in April 2015 to 65% in April 2016 (Source: NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission and Morgan Stanley Research). Is it the Uber-Lyft effect?  Continue reading

The Hybrid Evolution of IT

Lee Calcote

“It’s a great time to be in Information Technology.” While this is a true statement, not everyone clearly understands why (or perhaps, has the fortitude to make it so). In the face of a massive movement to public cloud—by 2020, 92% of world’s workloads will be in cloud—68% in public and 32% in private[1]—many in IT feel their value in the workplace eroding along with their identity. This feeling doesn’t need to be reality. Businesses are changing the way they operate and are transforming to leverage information technology more strategically. IT has a real opportunity to lead this transformation, not let the transformation happen to them.

Continue reading

Why Big Data is the Future of Network Analytics

by Jim Frey

Anyone who has followed network management in its various forms over the last couple of decades knows that true breakthroughs are a rarity. There have been plenty of ideas and innovative concepts, but few changes have made a significant difference or stood the test of time. On the data source side, SNMP was one, RMON probes were another, and NetFlow was yet another.  Streaming telemetry, as a successor to SNMP, looks promising, but we’ll have to wait and see if it has lasting power.  Continue reading

The Future of the WAN is Internet-Centric

By Archana Kesavan

CIOs and IT executives are constantly challenged with reducing IT spend, increasing service agility, and delivering superior quality of service. Renovating traditional WAN architectures with SD-WAN technologies is a key initiative to meet these corporate objectives. Before jumping on the SD-WAN bandwagon and adopting SaaS services, IT decision makers should familiarize themselves with the intricacies involved with using the Internet as transport and the associated performance implications. Continue reading

4 Principles To Consider Before Buying A SDN Solution

By Saurabh Sandhir

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is disrupting the networking industry as never before. SDN started as an academic exercise to separate the control plane from the data plane in networking devices but found it’s bearing as a way to automate and instantiate network state in highly scaled and dynamic datacenter/cloud environments. The use cases for SDN in the datacenter span from IaaS, PaaS and Service Chaining to Datacenter Interconnect, Hybrid cloud and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization). Continue reading

The Rise of SD-Security in the Branch

By Mark Weiner

Branch offices are an important location to secure. Gartner estimates that by 2016 more than 30 percent of advanced threats will target the most vulnerable entry point of the enterprise – the branch office. But deploying advanced security in branch networks is often a challenge and there are three reasons for this: Continue reading

Cloud-Ready Enterprise WAN

By David Klebanov

Many organizations have embarked on the journey of adopting the public cloud. For some it had become a new norm of delivering infrastructure and applications, while others view it as means of augmenting their existing on-premise resources. Whatever the case may be, the question of architecting wide area network connectivity to the cloud is one of the most fundamental building blocks of delivering robust, secure and reliable user experience.  Continue reading

How To Build A Monitoring and Analytics Infrastructure App Developers Will Love

by Nick Lippis

As the ONUG Community ventures down the path of a hybrid cloud-based software-defined world, it becomes abundantly clear that operational teams are without the tools needed to operationalize their proof of concepts. A new comprehensive tool suite is needed for the software-defined enterprise. The tools of most interest: those that deliver monitoring and analytics of an application’s infrastructure dependency map. That is, all the physical and virtual components that an application relies upon to deliver its value. Continue reading