From the Front Lines of ONUG Fall 2015: Open IT Frameworks

by Lee Doyle


At the most recent Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Conference, halls were buzzing with discussions regarding the expansion of open IT frameworks and how companies will move forward in managing them. Organizations like ONUG are critical in assisting IT managers by providing a framework to evaluate network management tools and a vision for unified network visibility. Continue reading

ONUG Fall 2015: The Emergence of Open Software-Defined Infrastructure Ecosystem

ONUG Fall 2015 may be finished, but the implications and themes from the show will be with us for years to come. Center stage was the evolution of network infrastructure to software and the emerging open IT Frameworks. Software defined networking (SDN) is part of a broader IT transition toward open Software-Defined Infrastructure in the context of open IT Frameworks for enterprise systems. Keynotes and sessions explored how IT consumption models are changing IT service delivery and supply chain systemically throughout the IT industry. Continue reading

SD-WAN Drives Interoperability

by Steve Woo

This fall ONUG participants are focusing on interoperability.  For enterprises and service providers alike interoperability means avoiding vendor lock in, but even more importantly it means achieving the ability to piece together the best solutions for their needs.  Interoperability may be considered a key promise of applying SDN principles to the WAN.  It goes beyond the architectural separation of the control plane from the data plane to explicitly focus on the goal of open and interoperable systems. Let’s look at some examples of innovation in interoperability in the four key areas below: Continue reading