Supercharge Your SDN Infrastructure with Advanced Application Delivery

by John Gudmundson

Enterprise networking has been plagued by two significant concerns. First, such environments have an inherently large-scale, shared infrastructure, yet the network architecture is typically static in nature. When IT on-boards a new application or equipment upgrades are made or is simply scaled up, things may not go as planned. Applications can ‘break’, logjams occur, SLAs not get met and finger pointing starts. Virtualized computing and storage have only upped the ante. A second issue is the overall lack of application awareness and the difficulty of supporting advanced networking and security services. Continue reading

What is Cybercrime Costing Businesses? Might Virtualization, Containers and Other Security Initiatives Reduce Cybercrime by 2020?

By Dr. Robert B. Cohen

A major focus of the upcoming Open Networking User Group meeting in November will be security. An important panel is focused on “Open Cloud Infrastructure Security Vulnerabilities and Mitigation.” In addition, a new working group has emerged to tackle the various issues with security and Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs). The Working Group titled Software-Defined Data Center Security Fabric has been meeting regularly leading up to the ONUG Fall Conference. This blog provides background about this issue by identifying what cybercrime costs business. Continue reading

Working Group Update: How Aryo Kresnadi of FedEx is Helping to Change the Future of Traffic Monitoring and Visibility

Managing the Network becomes far more challenging with today’s networks. Given fast-enough transmission and sufficient load, traditional data collection methods are unable to cope with data volumes. The result: traffic monitoring and visibility may be flawed or inaccurate.

As a board member of ONUG, Aryo Kresnadi is spearheading an effort to provide a set of tactical and strategic requirements aimed at guiding enterprise organizations in their design and selection criteria for traffic monitoring and traffic visibility solutions. Here’s what he has to say: Continue reading